Top 6 Must Have OS X Apps that are Useful for Mac Users

Mac apps allows you to get the most out of your Mac OS computers. Over the years, different apps that are useful have been developed to enable users to have optimal experiences with their computers. If you have spent some money to get a new Apple Macbook, you should download some useful apps to improve your machine. The following is a list of 6 useful apps you can install on your Mac.


Volkswagen Boasts it Will Stand out in Electric and Autonomous Car Technology

Volkswagen full-electric vehicles with autonomous driving features are close to becoming a reality. According to automaker’s sales and marketing manager, Jürgen Stackmann, the company will stand out in autonomous car technology and give a hard time to its competitors including Apple and Google.

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How Business Technology May Evolve in the Future

The business landscape is always affected by the change and evolution of technology. Yes, the whole world is hinged around the latest tech. But, business is perhaps the sector where this influence can be felt the most. As a business owner, you have surely felt the impact of technological developments over the years.

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15 essential tips for mastering Facebook Live

Facebook Live is quickly becoming the hottest new live-streaming platform for both publishers and regular people. From Buzzfeed’s exploding watermelon to Dallas-based tattoo artist Liz Cook who streams ink sessions in real time and that snake expert who extracts venom from animals (note: omg), broadcasters — both professional and amateur — have flocked the platform.

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