Mobile events app DoubleDutch lays off nearly 25% of its workforce

Mobile events and conferences company DoubleDutch announced today that it will be laying off 55 of its employees as a part of a company-wide restructuring.

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Google twists the knife, asks for sanctions against Oracle attorney

The second Oracle v. Google trial drew to a close in May, when a jury found that Google’s use of certain Java APIs wasn’t a copyright infringement. But court filings from last week show that Google isn’t done delivering punishment to Oracle, which started the litigation back in 2010.

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JBL’s Charge 3 waterproof speakers are big on battery and bass

I do the same thing every time I get a waterproof device – I take it home, fill up the sink and dunk it. It’s a strangely cathartic, a sort of gadget baptism, and nicely refreshing for someone who spends so much of his time cautiously handling expensive hardware devices.

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