Water Damaged Phone Survival Guide

So you’ve dropped your phone in a toilet, bath or sink. Your first instinct might be to shout wildly and break more of your things! Although water and (most) electronics don’t mix, a little water damage isn’t always completely lethal. If it’s not too late, this post will tell you the best course of action after dropping your phone in water.

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Cool High Tech Gadgets for your Home


The best thing about living in the age of innovation is the endless array of high-tech devices. You can choose from creations that can help you save on time, make your house secure or contribute to the green movement by using energy efficient devices.

These gadgets and devices are inspired by the need for improvement on existing products or the lack thereof, and the fast pace of technological advances means that you can choose between upgrades, combination of systems or an integrated system that works for the whole house.

So here’s a list of 10 cool gadgets that can increase the IQ of your house:

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